Pulham St Mary Annual Parish Meeting’s

Every English Parish must have a Parish Meeting, if the Parish Council Chairman attends then he must chair the meeting and he has second or casting vote. The meeting must be held between 1st March and 1st June inclusively, may be convened by the chair of the Parish Council, or by any two Parish Councillors, or by six local electors.

Pulham St Mary APM (meeting of electors) 21st May 2019
APM Agenda 2019
Draft Minutes 2019 21 May APM

Parish Financial Report 2018/19
Balance Sheet 2018/19
Parish Charity Accounts 2019
Parish Charities Report 2019
WEA Report 2019
Pennoyers Report 2019
Beckvale Community Car Report 2019
County Cllr MW Report 2019
PCC Report 2018/19

Pulham St Mary APM (Meeting of electors) 10th April 2018
APM Agenda 2018
Minutes 2018 10 April APM

Beckvale CC Report 2018
Parish Charity Accounts 2018
Parish Charities Report 2018
WEA Report 2018
County Cllr MW Report 2018
District Cllr CH Report 2018

Pulham St Mary APM 2017
APM Agenda 2017
Minutes 2017 11 April APM

Beckvale CC Accounts 2017
Beckvale CC Report 2017
Parish Charity Accounts 2017
Parish Charity Report 2017
Semere Recreation Ground Charity Report
Dist Cllr CH APM Report 2017
County Cllr MW APM Report 2017
PC HF Report 2017
WEA Report 2017 (received following the meeting)
ASHS Report 2017 (received following the meeting)

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