Notices & Policies

It is the policy of Pulham St Mary Parish Council to make available to its Parishioners such information as is accessible to the Public. The Model Publication Scheme, defines that information, its location and any charges applicable to its dissemination.

The information is made available to further an open and transparent relationship between the Parish Council and Parishioners and to ensure that Parishioners are fully aware of their rights regarding that information. At all times Data Protection Regulations will be acknowledged and adhered to.

PSM Model Publication Scheme

PSM Members Code of Conduct

PSM General Privacy Notice

PSM Service Providers Privacy Notice

PSM Transparancy Code

PSM Data Processing Policy

PSM Media Policy

PSM Standing Orders

PSM Financial Regulations

PSM Risk Management Policy (Doc1)

PSM Risk Management Shedul (Doc 2)

PSM Register of Fixed Assets June 2020

PSM Complaints Policy

PSM Grievance & Discipline Policy

PSM Equal Opportunity Policy

PSM Health & Safety Policy

PSM Training & Development Policy (Doc 1)

PSM Training & Development Schedule 2019 (Doc 2)

PSM Training & Development Schedule 2020 (Doc 3)

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