Alternative provision for Local Bus Services

Unfortunately, the road closure at Pulham St Mary from 25th July to 12th August will affect the local bus services in the villages of Pulham Market, and Pulham St Mary.

Therefore, Norfolk County Council will offer a free ring and ride service operated by Able Taxis Limited, which can be booked 24 hours in advance to collect passengers from the Bus stops in the villages for either journeys to Harleston or to meet the First 36A bus at Long Stratton for onward travel to Norwich.  Please note that this will be a shared service.

Ring and Ride Shopper Service into Harleston

The service will be available for booking at the following times:

Pulhams to Harleston Monday to Friday

Pulham Falcon                          0923 and 1143

Pulham St Mary Bus Shelter                  0926 and 1146

Pulhams to Harleston Saturdays

Pulham Falcon                          0928 and 1143

Pulham St Mary Bus Shelter                  0931 and 1146

Returns from Harleston Broad Street Monday to Friday   1215 and 1435

Returns from Harleston Broad Street Saturdays              1215 and 1430

Ring and Ride shuttle service for onward travel to Norwich

The service will be available for booking at the following approximate times, to enable sufficient time to journey to Long Stratton:

Monday to Friday

Pulham St Mary Bus Shelter      0725 0956 1226

Pulham Falcon              0728 1000 1230


Pulham St Mary Bus Shelter      0711 1001 1226

Pulham Falcon              0715 1005 1230

The passengers will arrive at Long Stratton in readiness to meet the bus at

Monday to Friday                      0745 1015 1245

Saturdays                                 0730 1020 1245

Returns back to the Pulhams can be booked for the following times

Mondays to Fridays                    1132 1402 1652 1822

Saturdays                                 1132 1357 1647 1817

Passengers should contact Able Taxis on their booking line 01379 640900, 24 hours before they wish to travel. Passengers should advise times of travel and whether a return journey is required at the time of booking.  There will be no cost to passengers for these journeys

Contact information:

Norfolk County Council Customer Service Line:  03448008020

Able Taxis Limited 01379 640900

First Bus – 0345 646 0707

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