Pulham St Mary Kings Coronation Walk

Come and enjoy a walk around the Pulham St Mary Platinum Path. This is a mainly off-rod walk taking approximately 9minutes. Meet at the Church gate on the East side entrance at 16:00hrs, Monday 8th May 2023.

From St Mary’s Church we take Footpath 15 out to Kemps Road. Top of Kemps Road we pick up footpath 9 then Footpath 5 to Lonely Road. Along Lonely Road we take Footpath 10 back down to Footpath 9. From Footpath 9 we pick up Footpath 13. Footpath 13 takes you down to Hall Farm Road and back to the start point.

There is a short cut you can take from Footpath 11 at the top of Kemps Road, this cuts across to Footpath 13, cutting out the top section of the walk.

All Dogs welcome

Any questions please E-Mail Vic at [email protected]

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