Using Public Rights of Way

With the improving weather we all want to get out and enjoy the beautiful countryside we live in. The laws in England and Wales provide you with the right to walk, ride, cycle and drive in public rights of way in the countryside. Public rights of way include footpaths, byways and bridleways. Public rights of way are listed and described in Definitive Maps and Statements (legal records of public rights of way). Check your local authority’s office or local library for a copy of the Definitive map and statement for your area.

Pulham St Mary Parish Council have provided a map in the village centre near the bus shelter. Or there are lots of apps you can download for free to help you make the most of the countryside.

But please remember:
* Do not disturb or harm any wildlife found on a public right of way.
* Do not drop or leave litter on a public right of way.
* Do not trepass on neighbouring lands to public rights of way.

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